Biggles - Charter Pilot by Johns Capt W E

By Johns Capt W E

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Pilots handook for the XB-35 heavy bombardment airplane

Руководство для пилота самолета «XB-35». «Летающее крыло» — разновидность схемы «бесхвостка» с редуцированным фюзеляжем, роль которого играет крыло, несущее все агрегаты, экипаж и полезную нагрузку.

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By taking these in certain proportions they could arrest the advance of age, or, conversely, expedite it. Mind you, I'm not saying that I believe this. I'm just telling you what Wedson told Donald. It seems that Wedson had been prospecting for gold in the Andes, and was trying to reach the Amazon when he came upon the desert. There was nothing remarkable about it except that the cacti were extraordinary both in shape and size. He spotted the plateau. There was nothing singular about that, either, because if you care to read books on the subject you'll learn that this formation is common in South America, due to the subsidence of the land at some time in the remote past.

Picking our way between the nesting birds, we made for the village. I mention this picking our way because the penguins would not move for us, and if you got too close you were liable to get a dagger in your foot—the dagger being a penguin's beak. Apart from penguins and sea-birds, we saw a few seals on the beach, but nothing else. The village was a melancholy looking place, grass-grown, windows- out, doors flapping in the wind. I'm not soft, but there's something sad about an abandoned human habitation.

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