Betinho - King of the Night by Lester Sumrall

By Lester Sumrall

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From this time I have prospered as never before, being invited to participate in the nation's best television programs and to play before the nation's finest people. "When a new tent was needed to carry on this miracle work in other places, for the first time in my life I counted it a real joy and a deep satisfaction to give liberally unto God's work. " Betinho wrote his parents and told them he had found a miracle tent where many miracles took place every night, both in the souls and in the bodies of people.

My accordionist came with me to assist with the music. " The people of Brasilia loved Betinho's sweet singing and lovely music. To be sure, he made a great contribution to the services. He made arrangements to remain in Brasilia for another month and to assist in the meetings night after night. I got to know him well and had a great time of fellowship with him in the Lord. Betinho has a host of important friends in the government, many of whom hold responsible positions. One of his friends to whom he introduced me is the Director of Communications for the government of Brazil, and through this contact I was offered television and radio time.

Or, as I said in the beginning of this chapter, a piece of crystallized carbon become a sparkling gem of beauty. Only God can take a life in the darkness of sin and transform it into a life of radiance. Chapter Two BETINHO AND CARMEN MIRANDA Birds of a feather—get together! This old adage is certainly true with whatever profession one chooses. It was simply inevitable that the sensational singing and dancing star, Carmen Miranda, meet Professor Barros. He had composed many successful Latin songs and was a genius at accompanying soloists who were singing his compositions.

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