Beaver DHC-2 Flight Manual

Руководство по летной эксплуатации самолета «Beaver»DHC-2.

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1. 4 The Receiver is not normally disassembled during overhaul. If disassen1bly is desired, the following procedure may be followed. 2. 1. 4. 1 Push out pin joining cover to receiver. This pin has a flat side against which the cam follower brake spring seats. Remove brake spring and block {Figure 1 0). 2. 1. 4. 2 Push out rocker arm pin and remove rocker arm and cam fol1owers (Figure 1 O). 2. 1. 4. 3 The Eject Chutes are pressed in. The other parts are sequentially retained by the snap ring at aft end of auxiliary Firing Pin Guide.

1. 2. 3. 1 Disassembly 1. 4 Lubrication 12 1. 5 Assembly 12 8 Overhaul . . . 14 2. 1 Disassembly 14 2, 2 Cleaning . 20 2, 3 Inspection 21 2. 4 Lubrication. 23 2. 5 Assembly . 23 Troubleshooting 25 iv HTC-AD 66-21 INTRODUCTION The Heligun is a light, self-powered, high-rate- of-fire weapon chambered for the 7. 62-rrun NATO cartridge. of 6000 shots per minute, The maximum rate of fire is in excess Weighing approximately thirty pounds, the gun provides four to ten times the fire power a£ other self-powered weapons, In comparison with other high-rate-of-fire guns, it provides the simplicity an?

L. 6 Pull forward on Gas Manifold (Figure 6) to remove. 1. 7 Pull Cylinder Shaft out of Breech Assembly and Firing Cam (Figure 7) to rear while rotating to obtain most rearward position. Roll Cylinder out of Breech, after checking that the ring seals in line with barrel openings are seated and are not likely to catch in the breech. 10 HTC-AD 66-21 1. 1. 8 Pull Round Positioner forward to remove (Figure 7). 1. 1. 9 No other disassembly is required for normal servicing. -BiRE>:CH GROUP CYLINDER SHAFT , Figure 'I 1.

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