Batman and Philosophy: The Dark Knight of the Soul by Mark D. White

By Mark D. White

Why does not Batman simply kill the Joker and finish everyone's misery?

Can we carry the Joker morally accountable for his actions?

Is Batman greater than Superman?

If each person Batman's example,

would Gotham be a greater place?

What is the Tao of the Bat?

Batman is among the most complicated characters ever to seem in comedian books, photo novels, and at the large display. What philosophical trials does this superhero confront with the intention to preserve Gotham secure? Combing via seventy years of comedian books, tv indicates, and flicks, Batman and Philosophy explores how the darkish Knight grapples with moral conundrums, ethical accountability, his identification obstacle, the ethical weight he consists of to avenge his murdered mom and dad, and lots more and plenty extra. How does this caped crusader degree up opposed to the lessons of Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Kierkegaard, and Lao Tzu?

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Indd 26 4/23/08 2:51:08 PM I S IT R I G HT TO MAK E A R OB I N? 27 1986) is less polemical and tries to lay out what a virtue ethic that respected human fragility would look like. Michael Slote’s From Morality to Virtue (Oxford: Oxford Univ. Press, 1992) tries to recapitulate and justify the movement back toward thinking about the virtues in twentieth-century ethical thought. 10. See the chapter by Ananth and Dixon in this book for more on the ethics of the decision to become Batman. indd 27 4/23/08 2:51:08 PM BATMAN ’ S VI RTUOUS HATR E D Stephen Kershnar Batman Hates Let’s face it—Batman hates criminals.

18 J A M E S D I G I O VA N N A get some therapy. I should become a less obsessed and more humane person. ) What about this: suppose you find an orphaned boy living on the streets, and you want to help him. What should you do? It seems that the morally acceptable answers include turning him over to social services, finding a home for him, and adopting and caring for him yourself. But what about putting him in a costume, training him to fight crime, and exposing him to constant danger in the name of refining and improving his skills and character?

Some police officers actually abandoned the city and were later disciplined. Twenty-five thousand people waited over five days to be rescued from the Superdome; National Guard troops turned people away from refuges in those later days; hotels turned people out onto the streets; and the sheriff of Jefferson Parish closed the greater New Orleans Bridge to refugees, emphasizing that the suburbs would not fall into the chaos. 7 It is also noteworthy that one of the first institutions to be restored in the first week was a makeshift jail.

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