Barrow of the Forgotten King (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 by Ed Stark

By Ed Stark

Designed for second-level characters, this primary experience in a three-part sequence is usually run as a stand-alone event. It includes a new and interesting strive against come across structure designed to make the Dungeon Master's task more straightforward.

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A Medium statue provides cover. If broken, a statue fills its square with dense rubble (see below). Dense Rubble: S q u a r e s containing dense rubble cost 2 s q u a r e s of movement to enter. Dense rubble increases the D C of B a l a n c e and T u m b l e checks by 5 , and it imposes a -2 penalty on Move Silently checks. Running or charging through dense rubble is impossible. Varag Camp: T h e varag camp contains two fur pallets, a water barrel half full of water, and a chest. Inside the chest are a few pounds or preserved meat.

Gradual Stairs: The s t a i r c a s e s t h a t descend 5 feet are gradual and don't affect m o v e m e n t . C r e a t u r e s gain a + 1 b o n u s on melee a t t a c k rolls a g a i n s t foes lower t h a n t h e m . Steep Stairs: T h e long s t a i r c a s e that descends 1 0 feet is steep. It t a k e s 2 s q u a r e s or m o v e m e n t to negotiate each s q u a r e . C r e a t u r e s r u n n i n g or charging down steep s t a i r s must succeed on a D C 1 0 B a l a n c e check, ending their m o v e - A distant, otherworldly howl floats through the cool air.

Otherwise, crossing the bridge requires a Balance check that has a DC of 5 per hand not used, and a penalty of - 5 for moving at full speed. ; Listen - 5 AC 1 3 , touch 10, flat-footed 1 3 ; transparent Immune ooze immunities Fort +3, Ref +0, Will - 5 CR 2 Speed 10 ft. (2 squares), swim 30 ft. Melee slam +3 (1d6+3) Base Atk + 1 ; Grp +7 Atk Options adhesive, improved grab Abilities Str 14, Dex 10, Con 17, I n t — , Wis 1 , Cha 1 SQ amphibious, ooze traits Feats — Skills Hide +8, Listen - 5 , Swim +10 Transparent (Ex) A flotsam ooze is transparent in water, granting it total concealment (50% miss chance).

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