Architect by Robert McCarter, Frank Lloyd Wright

By Robert McCarter, Frank Lloyd Wright

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BECOMING A G R E E N B U I L D I N G A D VO C AT E 25 P A R T I I Green Building: A to Z CHAPTER 5 Green Building Terms In this chapter, we present the guts of the book, a brief explanation of 108 of the most important (and up-and-coming) terms used in green building discussions. These terms are typically used by architects, engineers, builders, developers, local o‹cials and building managers to describe the green building attributes of a speciŠc development. Our intention here is not to present a complete description of each topic, but to give you a brief, technically accurate introduction, so that you’ll have a better understanding of what people are talking about when the subject of green buildings comes up.

This situation was brought home to me during a visit to Hawaii in the summer of 2006, when I attended a conference at the new Honolulu Convention Center near Waikiki. About 15 years earlier, I had directed an environmental remediation project at the convention center site, hauling some 3,000 tons of petroleum-contaminated soil by barge back across the PaciŠc Ocean to Washington state, to be deposited in a new state-of-the-art landŠll east of the Cascade Range. ) Having stood vacant because of industrial contamination for many years, the land was back in productive use as a high-proŠle urban area.

Practically, it means an end to the new carpet smell that bothers a signiŠcant minority of people in o‹ces, libraries, public facilities and schools. Shaw Contract Group’s new EcoWorx Performance Broadloom Carpet. 42 GREEN BUILDING A TO Z c The good news is that most of the major carpet manufacturers support these standards, at least for the commercial market. They are quite competitive; no one wants to have another company get an edge in the marketplace. In this situation the private sector is working as it should — innovation is rapid, new products are rolled out every year and the ecological footprint of the industry is lower than it would be otherwise.

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