An Unwilling Conquest (Regencies, Book 7; Lester Family by Stephanie Laurens

By Stephanie Laurens

Unique e-book: 1996

Seeing his brother fortunately settle for marriage, Harry Lester is a bit more wary, after being burned by way of love as soon as earlier than. His likelihood assembly with Lucinda Babbacombe brings him another scenario for strength love. And who wouldn't fall for a wise, business-savvy attractiveness? It doesn't take lengthy prior to Lucinda falls in love with Harry and needs to marry him. Harry has his reservations, yet will he be ready to withstand the seduction of pass over Lucinda Babbacombe?

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And that was all the more reason why he should have expected this of her—why he would never forgive himself for failing to see her plan. She shrugged when he didn’t respond and strode farther into the cell. “English guards await you above, in the hall. ” She looked him straight in the eye. ” She paused and stroked the amulet, her eyes sharpening to sapphire ice. Then she blinked. ” Her lips curved with malicious pleasure. ” Duncan felt his entire body tense as her high-pitched laughter tinkled over him like shards of glass.

Her work here pleased her. No passerby would guess that behind the leaves and moss rested a secret grotto, or that within the shallow cave lay the precious Ealach. Wiping her hands on her rumpled clothes, she edged back into the brush, promising herself that she’d return to get the amulet later when she was sure she wasn’t being followed. She moved quickly from the spot, careful to avoid leaving cracked branches or crushed vegetation. But after several minutes of ducking and hiding, she failed to see any sign that she was nearing an allied clan.

Still he led her on, pushing ahead until they reached his stallion.

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