AMPEX MM1200 Recorder - Problems and Solutions (broadcast)

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Pilots handook for the XB-35 heavy bombardment airplane

Руководство для пилота самолета «XB-35». «Летающее крыло» — разновидность схемы «бесхвостка» с редуцированным фюзеляжем, роль которого играет крыло, несущее все агрегаты, экипаж и полезную нагрузку.

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He had fallen in love young, and he had fallen hard.

Miguel couldn’t remember the last time he had talked with somebody other than his fellow Firewalkers, that he hadn’t been nervous around. One word. That was all it would take. You didn’t even have to have the gift to be considered one of the enemy. Like Salem of old, witch hunts were happening more and more often. There had been a news reporter who’d had the brilliant idea to seek out Firewalkers, to try to prove to the population that they weren’t the freaks and monsters the World Government made them out to be.

He staggered—starting to fall. She smiled as she felt that burst of energy—the burst that always came and went with the appearance of a teleporter. But it wasn’t Sage. And the man in front of her hadn’t fallen. Not yet. She froze as he sighted her down, lifted a modified rifle and aimed. The blue dart came flying at her too fast and she couldn’t move away. * * * * * The girl didn’t want to come with him. Sage snarled as she fought like a damn wild cat. “Be still,” he ordered. ” But she was too terrified.

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