Advances in Near-Infrared Measurements by Gabor Patonay

By Gabor Patonay

Advances in Near-Infrared Measurements, quantity 1 presents an outline of near-infrared spectroscopy. The ebook is created from six chapters that take on a number of components of near-infrared size. bankruptcy 1 discusses distant tracking innovations in near-infrared spectroscopy with an emphasis on fiber optics. bankruptcy 2 covers the functions of fibers utilizing Raman strategies, and bankruptcy three tackles the problems linked to near-infrared information research. the next chapters current examples of the services of near-infrared spectroscopy from a variety of learn teams. The textual content should be of significant use to researchers who desire to make the most of near-infrared measurements of their paintings.

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However, for samples that give lower Raman signals or for long optical fibers, the fiber background would begin to dominate the spectrum. Most of our SER studies on metal electrodes have used the sensor shown in Figure 3B. 01-M quinoline obtained on a Ag electrode using 250-m fibers and an excitation wavelength of 496 nm. This was a "worst-case" test because the 496-nm excitation is not transmitted very efficiently by the optical fibers used in this experiment; it produces relatively little SERS enhancement, and there was relatively intense filter and fiber luminescence.

61, 1648 (1989). 52. D. Anal. , 62, 846 (1990). AN ANALYSIS OF NEAR-INFRARED DATA TRANSFORMATIONS Howard Mark I. Introduction Π. Mathematical Principles A. Derivatives B. Ratio Methods III. The General Case IV. Applications V. Conclusions I. ^ ^7 ^ ™ *~ 8 INTRODUCTION It has now been over 20 years since Karl Norris performed the initial studies that ushered in the era of what we now know as modern nearinfrared (IR) analysis. Near-IR analysis is characterized by the application of multivariate data handling algorithms (also called chemometrics) to the spectral data produced by the instrumentation.

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