Advances in Cold-region Thermal Engineering, Sciences [LNP by S. Hutter

By S. Hutter

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N Valerie Berton For more information: Tom Larson 3239 315th Avenue St. com Editor’s note: This profile, originally published in 2001, was updated in 2004. The New American Farmer, 2nd edition 39 The New American Farmer Don & Anita Nelson, Neldell Farm /Thunder Valley Inn, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin Summary of Operation n 160-cow dairy farm on 1,350 acres (900 owned, 450 rented) n Corn, soybeans, oats and alfalfa n Three organic vegetable gardens n Bed-and-breakfast operation linked to the farm Problem Addressed Public education.

To capitalize on their location, the Nelsons launched a website to publicize the bed and breakfast and linked to the town’s list of accommodations. Environmental Benefits The Nelsons are planning to increase grazing for their dairy farming operation. They grow the vegetables at the inn garden organically and have minimized pesticide spraying on their crops. They accomplish this partly by rotating their crops with consideration given to what was previously grown on a field — which lessens incidences of pest outbreaks and disease.

The Future Johnson would like to improve his rotational grazing, breaking the practice into weekly — or even daily — units. Beyond his operation, Johnson sees a future agricultural system with two tracks: agribusiness farms and small, intensively managed farms. Because the first track “is the type of system where we take the farmer out of farming, having it all done on a custom basis,” family farms — employing rotation, tillage and site-specific measures — will shoulder the burden of preserving rural communities.

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