Adam's Wrath by Lisa Smedman, TSR Inc

By Lisa Smedman, TSR Inc

Rear conceal notes: "There are a few things that mere mortals have been by no means intended to know....In the area of Lamorida, medical professional Victor Mordenheim created Adam - cobbling the creature jointly from elements of human corpses. Now, years later, Adam wishes revenge. Adam wishes Elise, Victor's spouse. Adam wishes Victor lifeless. The participant characters' send founders at the coast of the area of Lamordia. A vicious hurricane leaves them washed ashore, chilly and hungry at the ice-bound Isle of Agony....Then the fear begins...."

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The rooms reek of rot and blood. Organs, brains, and pieces of tissue float injars; these samples are improperly preserved and give offa horrible, rotting stench. A staircas, ,anneck the three chambers, made of rusted wrought iron. is a ruined man. His face is a ghastly mask, and eyehalls from two other human subjects have been crudely stitched into his sightless sockets. These rooms are a parody of Dr. Mordenheim’s laboratories. The equipment here is equipment in name only; in function. Ln this place, Adam’ horrible experiments dead tissue.

Unfortunately, they were some of the first victim’s of the madness and died, leaping from the cliffs, believing they were birds. 14) Bedroom: There are two common broken ones (turtle and goblin stock) and a greater broken one (polar bear stock) in here. The greater broken one is the band’s leader. If he is killed or neutralized, the others will surrender or flee immediately. Seeing the broken ones-is cause for a mild horror check (+3bonus). Common Broken Ones (2): Int low; AL NE; AC 7 (3 turtle); MV 9; HD 3; hp 22 turtle, 16 goblin; THACO 17; #AT 1; Dmg ld6; S A nil; S D regenerate 1 hp/round; MR nil; S Z M, 5 ’ tall; ML unsteady (7);XP 175 each.

Scraps of food What little food preparation takes place in the monastery is done here. Flesh golems do not bother to clean the table because they are immune to diseases, food poisoning, and they have no sense of aesthetics. The PCs do not share this immunity and may fall very ill if they partake of the raw meat the Children serve. Each time they eat raw meat, PCs must save vs poison or fall ill for 3d6 hours. 13) Power Room: This room contains a deuice that looks like a huge, hand-cranked turntable connected to a forest of black wires.

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