Acid Base indicators by I.M. Kolthoff

By I.M. Kolthoff

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BJERRUM) ACID-BASE INDICATORS 46 6. Advantages of the hybrid ion concept. K values of amino acids usually lie between 10~ 8 and Such small constants appear improbable since, except for The 10~ 10 . a amino acids listed above are carboxylic acids, If the have dissociation constants of 10~ 5 to 10~ 2 which usually classical conception is correct, then we must conclude that the introduction of an NH-rgroup lowers the dissociation constant of a carboxylic acid enormously. This is not to be expected, taurine, all the .

In Chapter Eight, the effect of dilution on the mixtures will be considered in detail. 1 C. Morton: J. Chem. , 1928, 1401. pH of buffer CHAPTER TWO AMPHOTERIC SUBSTANCES Characteristics of amphoteric substances. 1. When an acid is dissolved in water, it splits off hydrogen ions. This change may be attributed to the ability of acids to bind hydroxyl ions. Conversely we may say that bases liberate hydroxyl ions or bind hydrogen ions. Many compounds possess both acidic and basic properties, although sometimes one or the other property predominates.

Examples of such liquids are soil infusions, beer, milk, fruit juices, foodstuffs, etc. cussion of the subject is GUNTHER LEHMANN 2 A detailed dis- 1 beyond the scope of this monograph. expresses the buffer capacity p g by the equation: r in is is amount added acid (or alkali) which from pHi to pH 2 This method of evaluating buffer capacity is only approximate, and less exact than the equations of VAN SLYKE and his collaborators. which b (and c) denotes the required to change the pH of of a solution .

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