A who's who of the British secret state by Stephen Dorril

By Stephen Dorril

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Paperback: 255 pages
Publisher: 3 Rivers Press; 1st variation (April thirteen, 1989)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0517572842
ISBN-13: 978-0517572849
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65 SS CORRESPOIIDEIIT BIRT II{ PARI S TAR CORRESPO}IDE}IT SPA}IISI 28 33 36 13 105 1938-40 ROIAI, IIAI/I RETIRED c0mucrmr' DElrrs *enrrn pElrctlrlr 4 5 0tIEE[s'c0[[, {8 COilSUT SOI{GKHLA DECI,ARED PERSOil ilO}I GRATA (P . 2 81 ' TIE I,AST 3 JOIIR}IAI,I ST B, REP , }IAI/AI ATTACIE BAIIGIOI 47 ICI t927 PERI{, STRATTORD IERCUI,ES GC[0r r (DElrrS ) SEFrotr umi-Tl916l B, 2ll5l0l D. IE}ITATOR SERIIICE CHIET' A}IGIO-ruilGARIA}I I{ETS AGEI{CI SPECIAI, OPERATIOIS EXEC. ryrs_sr-0llD {0 {5 $pgc znD suc; lqllilc_coilsur-Grf BUFrS- [islor 5{ c0rsur rtlilrs coflsm mClo- DIlIA rT hArrIfioilr l{I6 hT2.

AIIIARA, InD I0 REP. E! I e- OII rE[RA}I {6 {8 {9 ASSrsrAlrr BBC colrrnor,rrn otlunsEAs Ssiliiicus Eq-6e URECToR cnurnel,-tnc 6 crArRt{A}r noDluy-urln- CUTBEilIIA}{, IIUBAR SARIIS r,Trtm[6 D, r0 lllli. 15/9/85 85 PR IIICIPAI, RESEARCI [;-rI/8t2e t{r6 (c t 51 52 I'oRCES FAYID. 3RD SEC. PANIS 54 BEI,ORADE FO 57 BIIE}IOS AIRE . 2t{D SEC 2}ID SEC. 57 59 S I HARSAH II{GAPORE 60 r0 1Sr SEC, SAltIo D0t{H00 52- 1SI SIC, t'0 H, IEITH GUTIERIE, rrrrnT-' U9 - 191 PIIBL C, 60 BUDAPEST ItI)(EilBOIIRG 53 rO DIPTOI{ATIC II]CE-COISUt rC oRAIoR CAI{B , U[ r , 1939-45 S IR COil}IOP IE [-ilEIroR[ 76 80 J0[]r ffiz GIIII{X 82 86- ) IALES, DR.

Igt{s otlERs uls , Ali i [iffii- UMl, ltilq0il, FHCEn (I ,0, 0F' I irrill,[icufr'du re[- 0FFicE-"v- tl Ititil'' 38-39 ro-t5 q4EnrED 0cr0 HARDEIT PARTHER c[r]rA flRIG[r & IA}ISTORD AtrD JApAt{ Iil CHI}IA $TUDE}{T uuncrerr$ 'spECIAL rurll,l,tGEI{CE OTFICER TOREIG}I Otr'tr'ICE' pRoF, or crut{Esu enr scuool, OF ATRICA}I A}ID ORIE}ITAI, tj}il. OT' TOITDO}I HARCOURT, PAII{A ISTAI{T rf,Try, TO otlr rrourRr rilr0 rADmt{ f toliD0lt c0rt oxroRD llQElE! $-IfrD 's CIARTERIOUS cfll{il, 0[E rREE UUI{OCnATIC , CAPT, f,, T.

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