A Theory of Individual Behavior by Robert Wichers

By Robert Wichers

A conception of person habit dispels the thought that people act as rational brokers and strives to catch idiosyncratic humanness via rigorous arithmetic. Wichers describes a model of financial habit that's extra accomplished and pleasing than neoclassical versions but nonetheless in line with the standard aggregated suggestions that shape the root of utilized microeconomics. Written in an available and convincing type, A thought of person habit discusses leading edge fabric in a structure that encourages lecture room use. All chapters have questions at their conclusions, and there's a powerful emphasis on testable effects. The ebook features a brief evaluation of mathematical versions and dialogue of got microeconomic idea, in addition to summaries on the ends of chapters and plenty of examples and illustrations. Key good points * Dispels the proposal that people act as rational brokers whereas shooting idiosyncratic human habit via rigorous arithmetic * provides an leading edge method of the evolution of microeconomic thought * Promotes advances in behavioral theories within the social sciences, together with psychology and sociology * can provide an obtainable type with a powerful emphasis on testable effects

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