A Taste of Temptation (Berkley Sensation) by Amelia Grey

By Amelia Grey

A second of temptation sends a infamous rogue and a darling of the ton unwillingly to the altar. yet simply as their marriage is changing into a real romance, a mysterious presence increases mischief of their domestic.

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The earl leaned his body closer to hers. She sensed his strength, she felt his heat. He reached up and placed one hand to the side of her head. Warmth flooded her at his touch. He lightly threaded his fingers through the side of her hair, making a few strands of her dark blonde curls tumble from the chignon at her nape. The gentleness of his caress was strangely soothing when it should have been egregiously shocking. A small puff of breath was all that escaped her lips. She knew she should push him away, or scream, or at least slap his face.

Oh, heavens above, you startled the living daylights out of me,” she said as she fumbled for the soap and quickly put it back into its proper place before looking back at the earl. Leaving the door ajar, he walked farther into the room. “You’re startled? ” She felt her cheeks flame red. Oh why had she let the urge to explore his room overcome her? A quick peek was all she needed to satisfy her aunt. What madness, what folly had controlled her? The worst possible thing had happened. She had been caught.

The room set aside for the ladies to refresh themselves was one of the bedchambers. From her quick assessment of the vicinity it appeared there was only one other room on the floor. She had reason to believe that what lay behind the door at the other end was also a sleeping room. Olivia wondered why she’d told her aunt she would search the house for a ghost. It was insane. Why had she even agreed to come to London on this ill-fated mission? She should be in her own hometown waiting for the shy Mr.

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