A Perfect Bride by Samantha James

By Samantha James

The incomparable united states this day bestseller Samanth James cordially invitations you to Regency England for a Sterling affair . . . completely fantastic Devon St. James needs to without doubt be dreaming! She closes her eyes in London's poorest slum, and awakens wrapped in nice linens . . . staring into the eyes of the main attractive guy she has ever visible! Sebastian Sterling, marquess of Thurston, is obviously stunned to have a lady from the streets in his mattress, notwithstanding the warmth of the will burning in his gaze is unmistakable. but when he believes Devon will simply put up, he's rather unsuitable! What the satan has he performed? it really is undesirable sufficient their kin is already mired in scandal, now Sebastian has to accommodate the beautiful younger good looks in rags he had impetuously carried into his domestic! Worse nonetheless, the woman is using the intense, in charge marquess to distraction along with her fiery spirit and breathtaking sensuality. yet probably, simply probably, with a few of Sebastian's deepest education, this low-born enchantress can study refinement and manners—and be miraculously remodeled from purely his passionate obsession into . . . an ideal Bride

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She resented his arrogance and overbearing manner, but there was little she could do about her fate right now. She reminded herself she was warm and dry—and far away from Harry and Freddie. He shifted, suddenly so close she could smell the starch of his shirt. She tried to recoil from his nearness, but there was nowhere to go. His fingertips slid over the delicate skin just below her ear, down the side of her neck. “You’ve bruises there,” he observed grimly. Devon said nothing. She tried to read the thoughts behind the depths of his eyes, but she could not peer within, any more than she could have peered down the darkest alley on a moonless night.

Ten years had passed since he’d assumed the title. There was now no taint, no shame in being a Sterling. Much had changed since then. Yet in some ways, so very little. He was still seeing after his brother and sister— wasn’t tonight proof of it? Justin hadn’t been pleased at his incursion into St. Giles tonight. He smiled slightly, for it was hard to quell such instinct after so many years. Countless times he’d had to remind himself that they must live their own lives, that they must be allowed to make their own choices.

Ah, yes, with your mother the queen. Do forgive my lapse in memory. ” “Oh, but I shall. ” But he made no effort to depart, remaining at the bedside, regarding her in that assessing manner she already disliked. She plucked at the soft folds of the gown she wore. “This is not mine,” she muttered. “No. It belongs to my sister, Julianna, who is traveling on the Continent. If she were here, she would be the one to nurse you, and not I. ” Devon gritted her teeth. ” “I apologize. ” He didn’t sound very apologetic.

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