A Magical Medieval City Guide (d20 3.0 Fantasy Roleplaying) by (Uncredited ?)

By (Uncredited ?)

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Journeymen: People practicing a trade or profession; members of a guild above apprentices, below masters. Judge: Those who preside over courts. Laborer: Those who perform manual labor without a craft or profession to speak of. Launderer: Those who wash clothes and other textiles. Legerwite: A fine for females having sex outside of marriage. Maleficium: Harm done to a person or property through magic. Mason: Those who build most in stone or brick. Mercenary: Swords for hire; those who fight or do service for coin.

Taxidermist: Those who preserve and stuff dead animals. Teacher: Those who educate children. Thatch: Reeds dried and bound together; used in roofing and highly flammable. Thatcher: One who repairs and makes thatch roofs. Thieves: Those who make money through illegal activity. Three-field rotation: A method of farming to keep the soil fruitful; where one field is fallow, one field grows winter wheat, and one field goes spring crops. Tiler: Those who make and/or place tile. Tinker: Those who fix brass and other metal items.

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