A Guide to Digital Television Systems and Measurements by David K. Fibush

By David K. Fibush

1994 1st Tektronix. 4to., 82pp., wraps. VG.

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1991. Tektronix literature number 25W-7156. Ainsworth, Kenneth and Andrews, Gary. “Evaluating Serial Digital Video Systems,” IEEE 4th International Montreux Symposium, Montreux, Switzerland, June 1991. Ainsworth, Kenneth and Andrews, Gary. “Comprehending the Video Digital Serial,” Broadcast Engineering, Spanish language edition, Sept. 1992, p. 34-44. Tektronix literature number 25W-7153. K. “Serial Digital Interface,” Booklet. Sony Broadcast & Communications, Basingstoke, England, June 1991. Elkind, Bob.

One of the quantized levels of a pixel. bit parallel – Byte-wise transmission of digital video down a multi-conductor cable where each pair of wires carries a single bit. This standard is covered under SMPTE 125M, EBU 3267-E and CCIR 656. bit serial – Bit-wise transmission of digital video down a single conductor such as coaxial cable. May also be sent through fiber optics. This standard is covered under CCIR 656. bit slippage – 1. Occurs when word framing is lost in a serial signal so the relative value of a bit is incorrect.

Page 44 bandwidth – 1. The difference between the upper and lower limits of a frequency, often measured in megahertz (MHz). 2. The complete range of frequencies over which a circuit or electronic system can function with less than a 3 dB signal loss. 3. The information carrying capability of a particular television channel. baseline shift – A form of low-frequency distortion resulting in a shift in the DC level of the signal. bit – A binary representation of 1 or 0. One of the quantized levels of a pixel.

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