A Dictionary of Genetics by Robert C. King

By Robert C. King

The booklet of this absolutely up-to-date variation of A Dictionary of Genetics coincides with the hundredth anniversary of the creation of the time period genetics by means of William Bateson in 1906 on the 3rd foreign convention on Genetics. seeing that then genetics has made great advances in wisdom and procedure and now occupies a pivotal place within the existence sciences because the strongest ability for probing primary questions in phone biology, improvement, and evolution. The decision of sequences of whole genomes, the learn of gene expression and genetic version on an international scale, and the facility to swiftly enlarge gene sequences and to accomplish designated gene disruptions are only a few examples of significant achievements during this box. Proliferation of latest phrases necessarily accompanies such striking growth. This re-creation of the Dictionary addresses the desires of scholars, educators, and medical geneticists for an authoritative and up to date reference paintings that not just defines the most recent phrases, yet often, additionally provides very important ancillary encyclopedic details. A Dictionary of Genetics is exclusive in that it contains phrases from a variety of disciplines which now intertwine with genetics, together with molecular biology, telephone biology, medication, botany, and evolutionary experiences. Its 7,000 cross-referenced definitions are supported by way of a superb selection of line drawings, tables, and chemical formulae. One-fifth of the Dictionary is dedicated to 6 appendices to which the definitions are cross-referenced and which include a rare trove of supplementary info. This contains a chronology of significant advances spanning the years 1590 to 2005, lists of important websites and periodicals, a class of dwelling organisms into an evolutionary hierarchy, and a pattern desk of genome sizes and gene numbers. those positive factors make A Dictionary of Genetics a lexicon remarkable within the box. For the 1st time, the Dictionary is on the market on Oxford Reference on-line (ORO): top rate assortment!

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Protein structure. alpha particle a helium nucleus consisting of two protons and two neutrons, and having a double positive charge. ). alphoid sequences a complex family of repetitive DNA sequences found in the centromeric heterochromatin of human chromosomes. The alphoid family is composed of tandem arrays of 170 base pair segments. The segments isolated from different chromosomes show a consensus sequence, but also differences with respect to individual bases, so that the 170 base pair units may vary in sequence by as much as 40%.

Contrast with amixis, amphimixis. apomorphic an adjective applied to those derived characters of species that have evolved only within the taxonomic group in question. Plesiomorphic characters, on the other hand, are shared with other taxonomic groups as a consequence of their com- 32 apoptosis mon ancestry. Thus, in mammals, the possession of hair would be an apomorphic character, whereas the possession of a backbone would be a pleisiomorphic character. See cladogram. apoptosis (pronounced “apo-tosis”) the programmed death of cells in various tissues at specific times during embryogenesis and metamorphosis or during cell turnover in adult tissues.

See autogenous insect. anchorage-dependent cells cells (or in vitro cell cultures) that will grow, survive, or maintain function only when attached to an inert surface such as glass or plastic; also known as substrate-dependent cells. The only normal animal cells that are designed to survive without attachment and spreading are cells that circulate in the blood. Some tumor cells acquire this ability to be anchorage-independent and leave their original tissue sites to form metastases. See microcarriers, suspension culture.

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