A Cuban in Mayberry: Looking Back at America's Hometown by Gustavo Pérez Firmat

By Gustavo Pérez Firmat

Half a century after audience first watched a father and son strolling to the neighborhood fishing gap, whistling an easy, but unforgettable, music, The Andy Griffith Show continues to be probably the most renowned sitcoms within the historical past of yank tv. hundreds of thousands of audience have visible the convey both in its unique run, its ongoing reruns, on DVD, or on the net. web pages dedicated to the convey abound, countless numbers of fan golf equipment deliver fans jointly, and a plethora of books and Mayberry-themed item have celebrated all issues Mayberry. A small cottage has even built round the teachings of the show's episodes. yet why does a sitcom from the Nineteen Sixties set within the rural South nonetheless evoke such devotion in humans today?

In A Cuban in Mayberry, acclaimed writer Gustavo Pérez Firmat revisits America's place of origin to find the resource of its enduring attraction. He methods the express from a distinct perspective—that of an exile who hasn't ever skilled the rootedness that Andy and his fellow Mayberrians take without any consideration, as folks that have by no means strayed from domestic or lived between strangers. As Pérez Firmat weaves his own reminiscences of exile from Cuba with an research of the exhibit, he makes a resounding case that the intimacy among individual and position depicted in TAGS is the key of its lasting relevance, whilst he unearths the awesome ways that the sequence additionally displays the racial, generational, and political turbulence of the 1960s.

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Pilot (but backs out at the last minute). Since TAGS teaches that it’s better to stay put, Mayberrians who stray typically come to regret it. Jim Lindsey, a guitar player, joins Bobby Fleet’s Band with a Beat. He comes back some months later driving a shiny red convertible. It seems that he’s made it big, but in fact he quit the band and he’s broke, and Andy’s good offices are required for Bobby Fleet to take him back. Barney goes off to Raleigh to work in the police department. When Andy visits, Barney is on the verge of getting fired, but once again Andy saves the day.

When Ellie refuses, Emma sneaks into the drugstore to take them anyway. Ellie catches her and demands that Andy arrest her for stealing. After learning that the pills are only sugar pills, Ellie gives in and gladly supplies Emma with as many as she wants. ” Like other episodes, “Ellie Comes to Town” has a secondary plotline that parallels the main action. ” Barney keeps filling up citation pads because he insists on enforcing laws that don’t apply, or apply differently, in Mayberry. Although he loves to cite the “code,” Mayberry has its own unwritten code whose interpreter is Andy, the justice of the peace in more than the formal sense.

What novelist Josephine Humphries has said about Southern fiction applies equally to TAGS: “The natural setting of Southern fiction is not wilderness, nor farm nor city. It is town. ”5 These kinds of stories are also TAGS’s essential subject. What characterizes Mayberrians are not their ties to the soil—these are largely symbolic—but 28  The Place their ties to the town and, hence, to one other. This is why the founding of Mayberry, incongruously, dates from the middle of the nineteenth century rather than from the period of British colonization.

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