A bundle method for solving equilibrium problems by Ngu T. T. V.

By Ngu T. T. V.

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The deletion which removed IS bp(including the core sequence) from the right end of the conserved sequence also eliminated the stimulatory effect of flanking sequences on TL right border repeat function (Fig. 1). 3. Synthetic T-DNA Transmission Enhancer: overdrive To determine whether the conserved flanking region identified by deletion analysis contained all the sequences required to fully stimulate TDNA border repeat function, we synthesized an oligonucleotide comprising the conserved flanking sequence found to the right of the pTiA6NC TL right border repeat.

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Montoya for providing the pTiT37 right border repeat, Drs. - D. Chilton and G. Jen for communicating similar results prior to publication, T. Lynch for expert technical assistance, and Dr. T. Alton for comments on the manuscript. A grant from the National Science Foundation (PCM8316006) supported this research. E. Peralta received a Graduate and Professional Opportunity Program Fellowship (USDEG-83-453) and a Bayard Franklin Floyd Memorial Fellowship. 6. REFERENCES 1. Barker R, Idler K, Thompson D, Kemp J (1983).

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