50 award winning house by Chengdi Liu

By Chengdi Liu

This booklet covers fifty remarkable homes outfitted lately, from villas to residences, each one shining with its personal brilliance.

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On the top floor the lookout becomes the main space and robs its attention for any secondary element, allowing the passage of air and light, aligning the views of the distant mountains. It concentrates on linking the user with the surrounding environment. Economy, simplicity and clarity of the house lead to a simplified constructive process and its low budget. The constructing work is done in a temperate climate and with available materials. 变形别墅构筑的基础是一个水泥平台,根据地形因地制宜,或避开树木,或将树木围入院中。 平台上建起预制结构:钢杆插入平台中,用环氧树脂胶固定。预制构架里面的空隙有的空着, 有的用透明或半透明的丙烯酸或木质板条填满,成为一个外面有植被覆盖的滤光器。这些空隙 有利于 房屋中用到的一些木质建材,如架子、座位、桌子、楼梯等。 水泥平台并不直接作为房屋的地面,而是铺上一层黑色粉状颜料,起到加固作用。内有木质材 料,外有植被覆盖,成为该建筑的一大特点。顶层的瞭望台是住宅最主要的部分,使室内阳光 充足,空气流通顺畅;面向远方的山景,使居住者与周围环境融为一体。 这所住宅的设计要求是经济、简单、清晰。这就简化了施工过程,降低了建造成本,注定了其 预算低廉。白天在当地温和的气候条件下施工,而且所用的都是常见的建筑材料。 Awarded: 2006 National Architectural Design Award 2006 XV Quito Architecture Biennale 2008 Lisbon Best Work by Young Architect VI BIAU (Architecture and Urbanism Iberoamerican Biennale) The appearance of the Pentimento house resembles a flowerpot, converging with nature as a garden and closely connected with its surroundings.

The pieces of steel rods are inserted into the concrete, anchored by epoxy glue. These rods and elements of work between pieces generate a tight structure of small columns and lintels especially well suited to the seism of the area. The interstices in the prefabricated structure are left open at some points and closed in others with a transparent or translucent acrylic and wooden strips, becoming vegetation and light filters. Inside, the same cracks help to support some wood pieces, including shelves, seating, tables and steps.

Foam glass concrete is a very light and still very stable material, whose coefficient of thermal conductivity is between 0,12 and 0,38 w/(m k) and therefore can also be used as thermal insulation. Another advantage is that the material has similar characteristics to wood and therefore connects very well to the old house. In order to achieve reasonable heights in the kitchen and eating area the floor had to be sunk 130 centimetres. A downpour of foam glass rubble protects the living spaces against heat loss.

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