21st Century Villa by Hanlin Liu

By Hanlin Liu

People's everchanging existence result in an increasing number of requisites for the final traits of homes, and the calls for for studios have marched in the direction of the mental measurement and cultural sphere. accordingly, there come up new layout traits and new specifications for setting, fabric choice and layout idea. The layout tasks during this publication lead readers to understand the relief and cosiness of the usual area. The designers of those initiatives have created extra usual, and handy residing areas within the such a lot average and purest layout languages, giving them a complete and shiny clarification of the structure layout idea that structures are created for individuals.

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The bottom floor is constructed of 220millimetre beams while the roof is supported by glulam beams. As the facade material was chosen 3 millimetre anodized aluminium plates applied with stainless recessed screws on an adjustable framework of galvanised steel profiles. All sheets are prefabricated at the workshop. The extension is heated with floor heating. 设计之初,设计师打算把房子设计成完全复古的风格,但是后来考虑到房子面积,觉得复古风格显得房子 1 太突兀。新的侧翼仿佛要吞掉老建筑。因此,设计师转而采用了截然不同的设计。 新建筑与原房屋间增加了一个走廊和入口。走廊通向所有房间而且必要时可以直通客厅。新客厅完全面向 花园,但是却对街道封闭,以保证业主的私密空间。同时,城市规划设计办公室要求房子正面要有窗户来 配合街区景色。解决办法就是用铝片做成格子墙,让葡萄藤沿墙面生长。葡萄藤生长总是需要漫长的时 间,因此我们特意设计了一个图案,为暂无植被的墙壁带来生机。仿造葡萄藤激光切割的图案形成了适宜 的结构供卷须状物蜿蜒爬行。 房子由砌石墙组成,地板由220毫米的横梁拼合而成,而房顶则用胶合梁支撑。正立面选用3毫米厚度的阳 极化处理铝板,用不锈钢嵌壁式螺丝固定在电镀钢材剖面的可调整的框架结构上。所有的铝片都预先在工 厂制作。扩建部分采用地热取暖。 3 1.

The solution was to shape the aluminium sheets of the facade as a trellis for growing vines. It always takes time for the vines to establish, therefore the architects have designed a pattern that brings a lifelike quality to the facade in the absence of greenery. The laser cut pattern is inspired by vines and forms a favourable shape for the tendrils to climb on. The house is founded on masonry walls. The bottom floor is constructed of 220millimetre beams while the roof is supported by glulam beams.

2. 壁橱 3. 办公室 4. 浴室 5. 厨房 6. 餐厅 7. 客厅 8. 入口 9. 池塘 120~121 2 3 1 1. South-facing living area opens to the terrace and pool 2-3. The living spaces are characterised by their bright atmosphere and an open area succession in the private range 1. 起居区朝南,通往阳台与池塘 2、3. 起居区充满了欢快的氛围,私人区以连续的开放空间为特色 122~123 1 2 First Floor Plan 1. Balcony 2. Bedroom 3. Wardrobe 4. Bathroom 5. Bath 6. Nursery 二层平面图 1. 阳台 2. 卧室 3. 衣橱 4. 浴室 5. 浴室 6. 苗圃 1. .A terrace in the sleeping area offers an additional private outdoor space 2.

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