20 years of I predict by Lester Sumrall

By Lester Sumrall

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Pilots handook for the XB-35 heavy bombardment airplane

Руководство для пилота самолета «XB-35». «Летающее крыло» — разновидность схемы «бесхвостка» с редуцированным фюзеляжем, роль которого играет крыло, несущее все агрегаты, экипаж и полезную нагрузку.

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I Predict: Earthly Treasures Decay Let My saints hide themselves in Me, For the enemy shall arise from within. He shall teach that sin is not sin. To My Church the time is here, That with boldness and not with fear, They shall march as the Word has said, And upon their enemies they shall tread. To the left My saints shall not behold, Those whose birthrights have been sold. My saints shall read My Word, And trust My Spirit to undergird. In their minds they shall not question, For My Spirit shall give direction.

Mass murders of unknown people, often done indiscriminately simply because they were in the line of fire, are now growing in intensity. I predict an accelerated increase of unprovoked murder across our land. Judges, who pamper criminals by saying that a man who just killed a woman and her three children should not be electrocuted because the judgment is too severe, are encouraging the increase of crime. James Oliver Huberty of San Diego walked into a fast food restaurant and shot everybody in sight; children, women and men.

According to Revelation 13:13, he will perform spiritual wonders, simulating the miracle of Elijah with fire coming down to earth. Evil men will declare him to be supernatural, seeing his awful greatness in the lines of his hands and in his signature. Others will announce that the stars in the heavens prove him to be a superman. Masses will turn to witchcraft, and the devil's deception will be strong throughout the earth because the Antichrist will be a spiritist. Truly, those who do not know our God will be deceived.

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